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Poultry Farming Services

This is a sub division of our overall company vision, lartinika farms and services is created to provide the following services to client(s):

We help in the setting up of farms and in this we are specialized in SNAIL FARMS, FISH FARMS, & POULTRY FARMS. Also note that in this services that we provide we also train all our prospective client on the modalities on how to manage and running their farms effectively with purposeful and oriented results at the end.

We construct snail, fish, poultry farms for clients with special designs as required by our client(s), and we offer this services at any location in the country for client(s).


Poultry farming services we offer are poultry farm construction, supply of poultry birds of all kinds like Layers, Broilers, or Cockerels, poultry birds  feed supply and production, management of poultry farms, sales and marketing, training of staff(s), and as required by the client(s)

Poultry Farming in Nigeria is probably one of the most lucrative farming businesses you can do in Nigeria especially when it is setup and managed properly. The farmers we currently have are not producing enough poultry and will not be enough even in the next ten years! This aspect of livestock farming presents one of the finest opportunities for entrepreneurs to make good money within the shortest period of time possible. This is made possible by the quick maturity of chicken.

With over 160 Million consumers in the country who buys poultry products on daily basis, the market is always here waiting to be tapped. The demand for eggs is so high that people go about everyday looking for where to buy eggs for supply.

So, how exactly can anyone who wishes to start poultry farming in Nigeria be able to go about it and come out very profitable? This presentation will cover various areas of poultry farming which anyone who is ready for the business can do.

Before starting, determine what type of product you want to produce. Three types of common and commercial poultry breeds are described below.

  • LAYERS: Layer poultry breeds are used for commercial egg production. If you want to produce eggs commercially, select highly productive layer breeds.

  • BROILERS: A broiler (Gallus Gallus domesticus) is any chicken that is bred and raised specifically for meat production. Many typical broilers have white feathers and yellowish skin.

  • COCKERELS: Cockerels are other types of meat productive poultry breeds. Cockerel has a special demand for some people. Generally, they grow slower than other breeds. But very hardy and can survive and adopt themselves in almost all types of environment.

Note also we have eBook on starting up a poultry farm and hard copy book will soon be available title snail farm hand book for starters. For more information place an order for the eBook or the hard copy by calling now or Click Now

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