Types of Snail Houses


This article will be showing to you different types of snail houses and sample picture from works that we have carried out at different locations in Nigeria.

We want to make you understand that we can visit any location and part of Nigeria in course of our service provision to make sure we deliver an excellent service to our clients.

We offer two major types of snail houses to our clients.


  1. Trench Pen Snail House System: This type of snail house is constructed as a trench in the ground were the snails are kept for the purpose of snail production, and this method can only take lesser quantity of snail, but if you want to go into large scale snail farming using this method then you will need large space of land.

Below are photos and pictures of trench pen snail house.

2. Curtain Method of Snail House: This method of snail house is design in way that it can take large quantity of snail, and this method is used when you want to enter into large scale snail farming, and it is also cost effective in a way that you need lesser land space to construct it to take more snail.

Below is photos and pictures of how curtain snail house looks like.

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